#throweveryday blog

#throweveryday blog

#throweveryday 2021

Renewed Focus
It’s been a while since my last #throweveryday post. I’ve still be throwing at least 40 focused throws each day, and now there are a few reasons why I’m going to resume posting:

• Connect, learn, & share knowledge with more people about throwing and building daily habits!
• Bring more awareness to important causes outside of ultimate

Check out the video below for more specific information about what I plan to do with #throweveryday in 2021!

March 29, 2021

Low Release Flicks w/ zip to in cutter
Visualizing an aggressive, flatter mark forcing flick, I focus on stepping sideways, keeping a tight grip, throwing more inside my knee, and activating my hips and arm more.

After every few throws, I come back to the camera to explain what I learn as I’m throwing, how I adjust my focus, and the reasons for the things I am doing. I’d love to hear your thoughts and questions! I’ll have comments enabled soon, in the mean time you can email me at ben@benspiration.com!