Jamie Eriksson

#throweveryday Partner
Jamie Eriksson playing frisbee
Jamie Eriksson

A bit about Jamie

I’m originally from Dallas, TX but am now currently living in San Diego, CA. I started playing competitive ultimate my freshman year of college, about 5 years ago. My sophomore year of college I started to throw everyday as a way to develop my ultimate frisbee throwing skills. Ultimate has taught me so much about how discipline, the pursuit of excellence, and mental training can help lead me to a happier and more fulfilled life, so now I want to help give it back by putting my “throw everyday” towards a great cause!

Be sure to check out the throwing, workouts, education, and inspiration that Jamie shares on Instagram!

Who is Jamie supporting?

Jamie is fundraising for the primary #throweveryday groups, the Women’s Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh and Steel Smiling. Go to our Donation Page to support Jamie and these causes!